H.R. Jothipala
Hettiarachchige Reginald Jothipala
  • Birthday : 1936 February 12
  • Died : 1987 July 07

  • Jothipala was born on 12 February 1936 in Dematagoda, Colombo, Sri Lanka as the first child in a middle-class family. His father H. R. James was a tailor in Matara and mother Ahaliyagoda H. K. Podinona Perera was a nurse. Their home town is Matara, Sri Lanka & They later moved to Colombo.[6] He attended St. Lawrence College in Maradana and St. John's College in Dematagoda. He has four younger sisters and one younger brother.
    Jothipala would visit tea kiosks to hear music as his family didn't own a radio. He cleaned medicine bottles at the Sulaiman Hospital on Armor Street, Colombo. Later he worked as the peon in M. D. Gunasena and the company.
    He was married to Blossom Winter, they had four daughters together. He came to be known by his initials "H. R." and was loved as "Hadhavatha Raththaran Jothipala", meaning "golden-hearted Jothipala", due to his kindness to people of all ages, communities, and families.

    මල් වයසේ මධු සිහිනේ
    Mal wayase madhu sihine

    Vocal Victor Rathnayake Vocal M.S Fernando

    Film Songසිහින අහසේ වසන්තේ
    Sihina Ahase Wasanthe

    Vocal Anjaline Gunathilake Vocal Gretion Jayamaha
    Film Songළඳේ ළඳේ ළඳේ
    Lande Lande Lande

    Vocal Anjaline Gunathilake

    Film Songහද විමන් දොරෙන්
    Hada wiman Dorin

    Vocal Angeline Gunathilaka

    Abhirahasa-1971Film Songසිතුම් පැතුම් සඳ ආදරේ.. උදාවේ දෝ
    Sithum Pathum Sanda Adare

    Vocal Angeline Gunathilaka
    Apsara-1978Film Songසඳ මෝදු වෙලා නැගෙනා
    Sanda Modu Wela Nagena

    Vocal Angeline Gunathilaka
    රෑ දවල්.. මල් රැඟුම්.. සිරි පානා
    Re Dawal Mal Hagum Siri Pana

    Vocal Angeline Gunathilaka
    රන් පොකුණට දැන් ආමී
    Ran Pokunata Dan Ami

    Vocal Angeline Gunathilaka
    රන්මසු රන් කිරි ගරුඬ තලාවක
    Ran Masu Ran Kiri Garuda Thalawaka

    Vocal Angeline Gunathilaka
    Sujeewa-1972Film Songනුපුරුදු හැඟුමකි තෙරපෙන්නේ
    Nupurudu Hangumaki Therapenne

    Vocal Angeline Gunathilaka
    නිසංසලයි සීතයි රෑ ගෙවෙන්නේ
    Nisansalai Seethai Re Gewenne

    Vocal Angeline Gunathilaka
    මී පිරුණු සුවඳ මල් වනේ
    Mee Pirunu Suwanda Mal Wane

    Vocal Angeline Gunathilaka
    ජීවනයේ.. මීවනයේ
    Jeewanaye Meewanaye Pem Rasa

    Vocal Angeline Gunathilaka
    (හොඳ සිරියාවයි ආකාසේ
    Honda Siriyawai Akase

    Vocal Angeline Gunathilaka
    ගිම්හානේ හද නිවුණා.. මධුර වසන්තය මැවුණා
    Gimhane Hada Niwuna.. Madura Wasanthaya Mavuna

    Vocal Angeline Gunathilaka
    ආවා සොයා ආදරේ
    Awa Soya Adare Geethe Gayai Sagare

    Vocal Angeline Gunathilaka
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