Jagath Wickramasinghe
Jagath Wickramasinghe
  • Birthday : 1966 April 10

  • He was born on 10 April 1966 in Kolonnawa. His father L.K Jinadasa Wickramasinghe and mother Aryawathi Chandralatha both were music teachers. His parents were largely involved with many of musical programs in Sri Lanka. Therefore, he used to practice sing and play whatever his parents did during their rehearsals. It is during those days his potential of singing and playing instruments were discovered by his parents.
    In 1972, he was studying at Ashoka Kanishta Vidyalaya, Maradana and after passing the grade 5 scholarship, he attended Ananda College and studied there up to grade 10. Then he had to study at Anuradhapura Central College as his parents had got an unexpected transfer to Anuradapura. In the school, he was engineering oriented and studied mathematics for G.C.E A/Ls. Later on he followed a civil engineering course and specialized in building construction.
    Wickramasinghe fulfilled his music knowledge following Sangeeth Visharada Part 2 and Diploma in music (vocal), Bathkande institute of music, Lucknow, India. As well, he did Prathama Examination Music (Instrumental) Thabla, at Bathkande institute of music. He was student of western music Trinity College of London.
    In the year 2000, he got married with Gayani Kohona and is the father of one son and two daughters: Thidas, Sirini Suhansa and Asini Ashcharya.

    සංසාර ආරණ්‍යයේ
    Sansara Aranye

    Vocal Samitha Mudunkotuwa

    ඔබේ ගීතිකා
    obe geethika

    Vocal Samitha Mudunkotuwa

    අඳුරේ තනි තරුවක
    Andure Thani Tharakawa

    Vocal Samitha Mudunkotuwa

    Music Videoතරු පිපුණු ගන අහස මම නම්
    Tharu Pipunu Gana Ahasa

    Music Videoසාගර තරංගා.. සුදු වෙරළ සිඹින්නා
    Sagara Tharanga Sudu Werala Sibinna

    රන් තාරකාවන් දිලෙන රැයේ
    Ran Tharakawan Dilena Raye

    ඔබේ සිනා ළඟ නෙත නැවතුණු දා
    Obe Sina Laga Netha Nawathuna Da

    ඔබ මා හමුවේ නම්
    Oba Ma Hamu We Nam

    Music Videoමං නුඹෙමද අහන හිතින්
    Man Nubemada (Api Ape Witharanam)

    Music Videoමල් මුතුලැල් නිල් තුරුවැල් සකුණ විජිතයේ
    Mal Muthulel Nil Thuru Wal

    Vocal Uresha Ravihari

    ජලේ ගැඹුර ඔරුව දන්නේ නෑ
    Jale Gabura Oruwa Danne Na

    Music Videoඉසුරු කොදෙව්වේ පාළු ඉසව්වේ
    Isuru Kodewwe Palu Isawwe

    ආදරේ.. ඔබගෙන් හිමි වේදෝ
    Adare Obagen Himi Wedo

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