Indrachapa Liyanage
Indrachapa Liyanage
  • Birthday : 1981 May 13

  • Indrachapa Liyanage was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on January 13, 1982 and studied at Royal College, Horana up to O/L's then Ananda College Colombo. His music career started in the year 2000, with his school mate Kasun Kalhara in their own project. They released an album called Haritha Nimnaye, and it was a very successful release, and the album introduced them to a huge fan base. But in the years of 2004 and 2005, they closed down their project and went on to each make their own music, though they continued to work together on occasion.
    Lately Indrachapa has moved on to rock music and doing experiments to create a "Sri Lankan Identity" rock style. His main aim is to popularize rock music among the majority of the country. He has released a single called "Ginidal" which was his first single.
    Indrachapa has performed over 20 domestic major concerts and several abroad along with other artists.
    In 2010, he entered the movie industry by composing the theme song for the movie How I Wonder What You Are.

    වලාකුළක් වී නිල් අහසේ
    Walakulak Wee Nil Ahase

    Vocal Kasun Kalhara
    තරු කැටයක් වී රෑ අහසේ දිලෙනා
    Tharu Katayak Wee Ra Ahase Dilena

    Vocal Kasun Kalhara

    Music Videoඅනන්තයට යන පාර දිගේ
    Ananthayata Yana Paara Dige

    Vocal Kasun Kalhara

    ආදර මල් වල පාට කියන්නද
    Adara Mal Wala Pata Kiyannada

    Vocal Kasun Kalhara

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