Chandralekha Perera
Suramya Ratnakumari Chandralekha Perera
  • Birthday : 1961 December 01

  • Perera was born to a middle-class family in Kurunegala. As a child she often sang at home. At school she frequently sang and successfully took part in inter-school competitions. While studying she sang for the band "Spring Time" in Kurunegala. She met her future husband Rookantha Goonatillake in 1976 when he was a keyboard player for the band.
    Perera married Rookantha Goonatillake in 1989, and she has three daughters and a son. Two children from her previous marriage; Daughter Shyami Nadisha and Son Yohan Kumarage. She has two daughters with Rookantha, Raini Charuka and Windy.
    Without her knowledge, Perera's father submitted his daughter's name to a Sri-Lankan government-sponsored youth organization National Youth Services Council (NYSC). She subsequently attended and had a successful interview. She also appeared on the national television service in Sri Lanka that was a gift from Japan to Sri Lanka and was at that time broadcasting test transmissions.
    Perera was noticed by the film director and producer D. B. Nihalsinghe while he was reporting on NYSC. He selected her to act in his new television series Rekha, which made her a star. She was given the award for best television actress in 1986 (for Nadee Geethaya, another series by Nihalsinghe), and the award for best playback singer in the same year (for the film Yali Hamuwennai). She was signed for LUX International by Lever Brothers at that time.
    Perera has sung duets with many popular singers and actors. Vijaya Kumaranatunga, sang more than 15 songs with her.
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    කඳුලේ තනිවී
    Kandule Thanivee

    Vocal Raju Bandara

    සිතින් සිනා සිසී අතැඟිලි අල්ලලා
    Sithin Sina Sisi Athagili Allala

    Vocal Rookantha Goonatillake
    Music Videoමට මුළු ලොවම ඔබයි මගෙ මුළු ලොවම ඔබයි
    Mata Mulu Lowama Obai

    Vocal Rookantha Goonatillake
    Music Videoමනලෝලී මනමාලියේ ඔය දැසේ කැල්මන් වෙලා
    Manaloli Manamaliye

    Vocal Rookantha Goonatillake
    මද සීත නල රැල්ල දැඟලිල්ල පා (Remake)
    Mada Seetha Nala Rella (Remake)

    Vocal Rookantha Goonatillake
    දේදුනු පාටයි මුහුණ ඔබේ දිදුලන සමනලියේ
    Dedunu Patai Muhuna Obe

    Vocal Rookantha Goonatillake
    RekhaTele Dramaගිම්හානේ රැය ගෙවේ ගෙවේ
    Gimhane Reya Geve Geve

    RekhaTele Dramaකළිදු ගංගා දෙනියෙ වන තීරේ
    Kalindu Ganga Deniye

    Vocal Lakshman Wijesekara

    RekhaTele Dramaමධුවිතට ඉඩ දෙන්න එපා
    Maduwithata Ida Denna Epa

    RekhaTele Dramaතරු එලියද හිරිහැර කරයි
    Tharu Eliyada Hirihera Karai

    RekhaTele Dramaවසන්තයේ මල් සමයේ
    Wasanthaye Mal Samaye

    Vocal Amarasiri Peiris

    RekhaTele Dramaවන සිව්පාවුන් වැනි මිනිසුන් මැද
    Wana Siwpawun Weni Minisun Meda

    RekhaTele Dramaනීල නුවන් යුග කවියක් විය ඔබගේ
    Neela Nuwan Yuga Kaviyak Viya Obage

    RekhaTele Dramaදැල්වූ පහන්.. දැල්වී තිබේවා
    Dalwu Pahan Dalvi Thibewa

    Vocal Lakshman Wijesekara

    RekhaTele Dramaහිරු හිනැහෙන ගන නිල්වන් අහසේ
    Hiru Hinahena Gana Nilwan Ahase

    Vocal Bandara Athauda
    රන්.. පලසේ වැතිරී ඔබ හමුවුදා
    Ran Palase Wathiri Oba Hamu Wu Da

    Vocal Athula Adikari
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